Sunday, October 21, 2012


This tote bag was ordered by a friend of mine who lives in Windmolen country. I met her for the first time in the airplane to Amsterdam. It is coincidence we seat next to each other. I think it was a faith not a coincidence at all that we met each other in the airplane.

I used linen fabric by KOKKA for the outer fabric meanwhile for the inner fabric I used cotton fabric polka dot orange by Michael Miller. It has 3 inside pockets one with zippered and the others two pockets no zipper. They are can be used to store your wallet or your mobile phone. There is an extra lobster swivel hook with a strap that can be used for hanging your keys. I used a big covered button to close this bag.
In between the outer fabric and the inner fabric I used decor pellon heavy weight interfacing so it makes the bag firm and sturdy.

The size of this bag is :

Width of the bottom of this bag : 27 cm
Width of the top of this bag       : 44 cm
Height                                        : 36 cm
Depth                                         : 17 cm
Length of the straps                    : 43,5 cm

So according to the size of this bag it has room enough to store all your belongings.

Special thanks to my friend who ordered this tote bag from me. I hope you will like it, have a lots of fun with it and yet it's stylish enough to bring along to your work and to others social activities.

Last but not least if you are interested to order this tote bag from me, please feel free to contact me.

Have a beautiful sunday.

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