Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Set LITTLE KUKLA Tote Bag & Cosmetic Pouch

Both items are requested by my special customer Lia, I hope she doesn't mind that I mentioned her name here. She was inspired first by the cosmetic pouch which I had made before from the LITTLE KUKLA fabric by Robert Kaufman. I made it because I needed some more ready stocks to display on my exhibition near where I live. That one was unfortunately sold there. 

She asked to make to make the TOTE BAG from the same fabric and then she decided to ask me to make a cosmetic pouch with the same fabric. 

Ta..ta...ta...finally here they are. I have finish made them since yesterday. They are so cute on pictures as well as in real. 
She really loves them all, although she only see them from those pictures. It needs time before reaching her. 

Here is the following more information about LITTLE KUKLA Tote Bag and Cosmetic Pouch : 

Dimension : 
Longest point : 40 cm
Highest point : 35 cm
Depth point : 15 cm

Outer fabric : cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman
Inner fabric : red polka dot cotton fabric

There is 3 inside pockets, one with zipper, the two others pockets without pockets. 

There is a lobster swivel hook to hang your key chains.

I use heavy weight decor pellon interfacing in between the outer and inner fabrics. So it gives a structure to the tote bag. 

Dimension :
Longest point : 21 cm

Highest point : 16,5 cm

Depth : 8,5 cm

Outer fabric : Cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman
Inner fabric : Red Polka dots cotton fabric
Between the fabric, there is heavy weight interfacing by DECOR PELLON. So it gives the structure to the pouch. There is an extra zipper charm Matryoshka.

So thank you again Lia for your order. 

Happy weekend. 


  1. Hi sis Dinda Ega, salam kenal dari saya Betty, terima kasih sudah tertarik dgn handmade buatan saya.

    Iya ini dijual mbak. Tapi barangnya sudah laku yang difoto ini. Kalau mau lihat koleksi lengkap handmade saya bisa klik FB Fanpage saya di link berikut ini :

    Thank you