Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Another things that they are easy to make and to sell them on the handmade market are : Fabric Cover Compact Mirrors.
I love them because you can make them from the fabric scraps and you can choose so many motifs from your fabric stash.

I was inspired from another crafter and I have found the blank compact mirrors supplier with good quality. I am thinking to give the workshop how to make the fabric compact mirror considering it is easy for beginner who has no experiences working with sewing machine. 


I love this plushies. They are easy to make and easy to sell at the handmade market . Because customers like to buy this OWL plushies.

The front fabrics are from linen which are imported from South Korea and the back side of the plushie is natural linen which I bought it from Germany. I stuffed the plushies with polyester silicon fiber fill.

Enjoy the day.