Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Another things that they are easy to make and to sell them on the handmade market are : Fabric Cover Compact Mirrors.
I love them because you can make them from the fabric scraps and you can choose so many motifs from your fabric stash.

I was inspired from another crafter and I have found the blank compact mirrors supplier with good quality. I am thinking to give the workshop how to make the fabric compact mirror considering it is easy for beginner who has no experiences working with sewing machine. 


I love this plushies. They are easy to make and easy to sell at the handmade market . Because customers like to buy this OWL plushies.

The front fabrics are from linen which are imported from South Korea and the back side of the plushie is natural linen which I bought it from Germany. I stuffed the plushies with polyester silicon fiber fill.

Enjoy the day.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hi everyone, 

The month of June this year 2013 begins the actual summer here in Belgium after we experienced the wet and cold of the month of May. In May we should already experienced a little bit of summer but turned out not. However how is the weather would be I keep crafting. Because during the summer there will be a lot of bazaars, shows, markets, and so on for handmade products so I need lots of ready stocks to sell them on that events. And I just got the invitation too to join the project of POP-UP SHOP with theme Made in Antwerp. This is the second edition for this POP-UP SHOP, she is interested asked me to join this project because she likes the ECO FRIENDLY FABRIC BASKETS that I made.Here is the picture of them, however I need to make them more. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013


This is small tote bag goes along with coin purse are made for Michelle, one of my customer who is inspired by LV neverfull bag. She prefers to have this bag with the SOLDIER OF LONDON linen cotton blend fabric after she bought the coin purse with SOLDIER OF LONDON fabric. I used on this bag a faux leather handles and they are attached to the bag with hand stitches. I hope she will like the result. 
Dimension of this bag is : width 30 cm (on top width) x 25 cm height x 10 cm depth. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am realized that it has been 2 months I don't show my handmade work. Today I show my handmade cosmetic bag with canvas Matryoshka fabric. I made this because my sister in law wanted to have big and roomy cosmetic bag to carry all her stuff. It is simply a boxy bag model which I add extra handle on the bag.
The size of this bag is : width 30 cm x height 20 cm x depth 10 cm. 
It was made from canvas fabric with double interfacing to make it has form. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013


This month I have been busy making coin purses. This projects are easy but nevertheless they are consuming time too.
You can use scraps for making this coin purses. So if you have scraps from your stash or from your sewing projects you can use them for making coin purse. If you are interested to buy them you can go to my Etsy Shop : NStudio64.
Dimension of each of the coin purse is : 14 cm width x 9 cm height x 2 cm depth. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's been quiet well I have not been posted my handmade projects. Last month my child has been sick couple of time. Here where I live it became epidermic illness. But luckily it was nothing serious, it was only high fever and coughing. This month I have finished another classic tote bag which I made it from MATRYOSHKA MINI fabric. This time it was ordered from someone who lives in the island of Gods.
Here is more information over the dimension of this bag :
Dimension :
50 cm (longest point)
35 cm (botton length)
30 cm (highest point)
15 cm (widht)
Length of the shoulder strap : 50 cm.
One zippered inside pocket and two inside pockets no zippers.